What does an ALTAR mean to you?

What does the presence of an altar mean to you?  

A statue, a photo, or even a yoga mat...a sacred place for focus and gratitude. Whatever your altar looks like, it is uniquely yours; and what you do there, is unique to you.



“My altar is a place where I set my intentionspray, and create vibrations for the room/space. I have one in most rooms to encourage me to be meditative, conscious, and grateful. I place symbolic items on my altar to help remind me of how I want my actions to be, or of someone or something personal that I want to pray for." - Hari Mander Jot Khalsa



“To me, altar means a sacred space that vibrates peace, reverence, and devotion. I love having an altar in every room of my home. The very sight of it invokes a connection to my soul for intentional living from my highest self. The energy and beauty of an altar center me, and it is a constant reminder to be prayerful, bless others, and live in a state of gratitude!”Sat Gurumukh Khalsa

An altar can be your sacred space to attract and receive positive energy, especially during trying times. Cleanse and purify your altars or other special places by adding things that inspire tranquility and wonder. Our healing gems, crystals, chakras, or mala beads can infuse your altar or ritual space with abundant energy and meaning.

What does ALTAR mean to you?