What is Abundance?

ABUNDANCE is the innate tendency of nature and of life to manifest, grow, and become more. It is the propensity of the life force to produce and create more of everything.

Spiritual Abundance can mean various things to different people. To us, it means the ability to tap into your deepest inner self while allowing the universe to provide for your needs.

Regardless of how you define it, you can gain a better understanding of your spiritual self and your ability to achieve spiritual abundance by following a few basic steps.


A single object such as a statue, fountain, or sculpture can be the focal point of your peaceful sanctuary; the sacred ritual space for attracting spiritual abundance. 


Ganesha’s form represents the energy and reason of the universe; the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve. 


Protection and power. Much of his symbolism is related to safeguarding us from life's physical and energetic obstacles. The bringer of prosperity, he represents generosity and total acceptance.


1. GRATITUDE. Be thankful for what you already have and see what comes from this one simple act.

2. DREAM IT. Tap into the power of your mind and your beliefs to achieve your dreams.

3. "ALTAR" YOUR MINDSET. Be unconventional and open-minded to see opportunities that you were once blind to.

4. BELIEVE IT. The first step toward attracting abundance and prosperity is believing it’s possible. If you picture something so vividly, experiencing it with all your senses, you can manifest it in your life.

5. POSITIVITY. Positive thinking and visualization amplified and focused to an even sharper point; instead of just feeling positive in general, use that intention toward a specific thing.

6. EXPLORE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Make the most of the infinite opportunities ahead of you. Explore the unique endless potential within you. Remember that when you work on improving yourself, you’re adding to the youth, vitality, and beauty of your mind.