Express yourself with Sukhmani’s ritual, timeless, ready-to-wear style; meticulously sourced from local artisans and designers all across the world. It is our mission to carry intentional pieces, forged from the earth, exuding energetics that resonate with you on an individual level. As jewelry is very personal, we want you to choose pieces that call to you.

Sourced from India, Bali, China, South and Central America, as well as the Southwest United States, our jewelry is a sophisticated gift for your loved ones, yourself, or even as an altar focal point. Come experience the handcrafted, vintage, repurposed, and modern selections at Sukhmani Jewelry.



Sukhmani carries statues from different lands and times. These cultural, social, and religious icons are the perfect pièce de résistance for your sanctuary or ritual space.

Each hand-selected collection of statues and objets d’art is a spiritually creative grouping of images.  Sukhmani has an extraordinary assortment of beautiful statuary, in various sizes, suitable for indoors or outside. You can touch, hold, and engage with some of the world’s most recognized iconography, bring it into your home, and expand your personal cosmos.



With cultural elements integrated from around the world, our inventory is entirely unique. We carry handmade artisan décor you won’t find elsewhere. Choose from lamps, cabinets, mirrors, and various architectural pieces that stand as captivating art on their own. Experience our one-of-a-kind altars and statues, for creating intentional spaces. Browse among candles and stones for decorating the sacred corners of your home.

Many textile arts, such as Ikat, Batik, and Applique, are quickly vanishing from today’s world. Hand-spun, hand-woven, home-dyed, and decorated textiles are almost a lost art. Sukhmani strives to present the most bespoke examples and to pass them into your hands for you to preserve and enjoy.

Our work is devotion to sourcing, curating, presenting and offering not just the most beautiful and inspiring products from all over the world, but also to intensely serve everyone who comes in contact and experiences our brand. We always serve with the highest of intention.