Elevate your home’s interior design with bespoke Sukhmani furnishings. Décor created from intentional elements adds distinct charm, for a comforting, natural atmosphere you’ll long to come home to. Transform your space with elegant statement and accent pieces individually sourced by Sukhmani Home from around the world.Cultural and sacred fragments are skillfully integrated into our hand-crafted furniture, home décor and statuary providing you with an entirely unique selection to choose from. Genuine antiques and vintage furniture sit next to architectural features; ritual objects and statues stand on tabletops and in cabinets; captivating textiles drape across beds and benches. We curated a trove of treasures to assist you to create your sanctuary and to express your true potential.


The family-owned business is run by brothers Sat Gurumukh Singh Khalsa and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa. The brothers attended boarding school in India where they formed a lifelong friendship with their business partner, who travels the world with them as an exclusive trading partner. The bonds they formed in grade school are now reflected in the stores. 

“We do not see our relationships as transactional but as personal. My dad taught us, in dealing with customers and clients, the correct mentality is that we one day want our kids to do business with your kids. He said, ‘You don’t need to sell products. You need to create relationships and serve.’ We hope this is evident the moment you land on our website and set foot in our stores.” 

- Sat Gurumukh Singh Khalsa and Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa


Our work is devotion to sourcing, curating, presenting and offering not just the most beautiful and inspiring products from all over the world, but also to intensely serve everyone who comes in contact and experiences our brand. We always serve with the highest of intention.