Exquisite Etched Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl


Special Full Moon Singing Bowl

Bring sound healing therapy to your own space by performing your own rimming to emit deep, rich vibrations. Handmade on a full moon evening, experience an enhanced, long-lasting quality of sound and healing vibrations with a Full Moon Singing Bowl. Known to help promote deep relaxation and stress reduction, the use of singing bowls date back to 2400 BC, and have been used for centuries as part of meditative practices.

  • Etched depictions of various Medicine Buddhas, Buddhist symbology and mantras for healing
  • Made by Tibetan Monks in Nepal from scratch. 13 different alloys using ancient technology.
  • All work on these bowls are only done on the Full Moon as the magnetic field of the moon is supercharged.
Dimensions H - 7"  D - 16"
Weight (approx) 15 Lbs


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