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Large Hand-carved Marble Meditation Buddha


This life sized Meditation Buddha is hand-carved out of gorgeous marble by expert carvers. Ideal  for Indoor or Outdoor use.

Meditation Buddha

In this pose, Buddha has both hands face up in the lap with legs crossed in a Double Lotus pose or a Single Lotus pose.The back of its right hand is leaning on the palm of its left hand. Often the thumbs are touching each other, forming the mystic triangle. This is the Dhyaan mudra, which symbolises wisdom.

The Buddha used this gesture during his final meditation under the Bodhi tree when he attained enlightenment. Buddha’s eyes are also normally half-closed or fully closed as the statue represents focused concentration.

This Buddha statue is great for people looking to create peace and calm in their lives. It’s also the perfect addition to a space in your home where you like to relax and unwind.

Dimensions H - 33"  W - 23"  D - 18"
Weight (approx) 295 Lbs

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