Meet Gilda Meyer Niehof, Sukhmani’s Interior Designer!

 International Bohemian Interior Design 

Gilda Meyer Niehof is Sukhmani Santa Fe’s Interior Designer. With a big heart for her clients and palpable excitement for creating unique and sacred spaces, Gilda is an international powerhouse and a huge asset to Sukhmani and the bustling Santa Fe design community. 

Keep reading to get to know Gilda in our interview below...

How did you start your career in design? 

I had an unusual entrance into my career. I started out as a model and a photo stylist in the fashion industry. I then transitioned into styling interiors for architectural shoots, boutique hotels, and for national and international magazines. I got to travel the world, styling and staging homes and hotels in India, Bali, Morocco, and France.

How did you become acquainted with Sukhmani?

I was introduced to them about five years ago when I came across their jewelry collection, and I fell in love with them right away as they are very high integrity people. While doing an interior design job in Santa Fe, I got to know the Albuquerque Sukhmani Home store. I incorporated their pieces into my project because they were so unique and absolutely beautiful. I encouraged Sat Gurumukh to open a store in Santa Fe a year ago. When they decided to open the store, they asked me to be the designer there.

The Harem Room designed by Gilda Meyer Niehof and Co-
designer Ryan Toups  

Can you share stories about any recent design projects?

Right now, I am working on an Airbnb on Santa Fe’s eastside, which includes a 1700's era adobe and two additional private homes belonging to the same owners. It is a true joy working with these clients, incorporating their personal family collection and items from Sukhmani into the interior design.

What are your clients most excited about right now?

I’m working with a photographer/videographer team for the Santa Fe Parade of Homes. It is a unique way to see what is emerging right now, and Modern design is the style for the moment. Personally, I love the unique, ethnic Sukhmani pieces from all over the world. The old world pieces combined with contemporary styles elevate each other into the Modern Bohemian style that I love. It takes a strong designer to put that together well. People are continuously excited about the Santa Fe market. The real estate market continues to boom, so the designers and builders are busy creating beautiful Homes. New Mexico is an incredible hub for creativity and sophistication.

Why do you love working at Sukhmani? 

I just love those guys. They are truly heart-centered; they love and care about the community. It is not just a business but also a family—comprised of clients, friends, and colleagues—who are mutually supportive and want the best for that family. 

Set decoration for magazine publications

Photo credit – Daniel Nadelbach 

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