Introducing ALTAR

Blessings Sukhmani Family,


We are excited to introduce to you ALTAR, a weekly email that allows us to share what you might normally experience in our store! As you know, we love to inspire and spread the message of hope, upliftment, and abundance, which is why we're excited to deliver this to your inboxes. It's our way of staying in touch with you and serving our community!


Each week, we will thoughtfully and lovingly curate and share many beloved items, resources, and tips with our community. From recipes, meditations, travel, and more, we want to make sure you are delighted each week to receive our newsletter.


So, stay tuned and keep a close eye out as we continue this weekly ritual. Also, we want our extended Sukhmani Family, all of YOU, to know we are here for you if you need anything. Seriously, anything. Please send us a message, or call us and we will be sure to personally respond back to each of you.


We can be reached via email: or by phone: 505.255.2889 for individual appointments.


For now, we are reminded of the poem by Rumi - The Road Home, and we offer it here as a contemplative gift.


An ant hurries along a threshing floor 

with its wheat grain, moving 

between huge stacks of wheat, 

not knowing the abundance all around. 

It thinks its one grain is all there is to 


So we choose a tiny seed to be devoted to. 

This body, 
one path, or one teacher. 


wider and farther. 

The essence of every human being can see,

and what that essence-eye takes 


the being becomes. Saturn. Solomon! 

The ocean pours 
through a jar, 

and you might say it 

swims inside the fish! 

The mystery gives peace to your longing 

and makes the road home, home.


With Love & Gratitude, 

Sat Gurumukh  + Hari Mander Jot Khalsa